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ey were invited to seats in the office, and, after a brief delay, were escorted through the establishment. The

mint at Osaka is one of the most noted enterprises which the government of Japan has undertaken, and likewise one of the most successful. When it was founded it w

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  • ney through Japan. They we
  • re met at the entrance by the
  • director of the mint, a Japa
  • nese gentleman who had spe
  • nt a considerable time i
  • n Europe and America, an
  • d spoke English with fluency


image 2

as under foreign supervision, and the most of the employés were from Europe; but year by

year the Japanese have learned how to conduct its machinery, and have relieved the foreigners of the labor of managing it. The direction is Japanese, and so are the heads of the departments, and the employés from highest to lowest. When the mint was established, the machinery for it was imported from Europe, but at present it is all made by the Ja

panese, in their own factory attached to the mint. "Just to think," said Frank, "that people persist in calling these Japanese 'barbarians!' Here are machines for stamping coin an

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